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Break Free from Life's Challenges with Christian Counseling.

Find Freedom and Healing with Pastor Sean through Christian Counseling

Support your whole person and discover well-being in person or online. 

Book a free 30-minute consultation and get started now!  Why wait any longer?  Break free today.


Individual Therapy

I provide individual therapy for resolving mental health concerns, improving relationships, and focusing on personal development.


In Person or Online 

I offer face-to-face interaction

for your personal growth. 

However, I understand that there are times when a secure virtual session is necessary for my clients.



I help couples improve their relationships using Prepare-Enrich, my personal experience as a married person of over 30 years, and my expertise as a counselor.


Meet Pastor Sean

Hi there, I'm Pastor Sean Cawthon, and I'm excited to connect with you on your journey to finding meaning, purpose, and healing in your life through Christian counseling and biblical guidance.


About Me

My approach is centered on Pastoral Biblical Counseling, coupled with my training in Restoration Therapy. Together we explore how God's Word can bring transformation to your life.  Whether you're dealing with relationship issues, mental health challenges, or seeking a deeper connection with your faith, I'm here to serve you with compassion and dedication in a non-judgmental space.

With over 30 years of experience in various pastoral roles, I found my true calling in Pastoral Counseling and Coaching, combining my ministry experience with a heart for guiding individuals and couples through life's challenges.

I am a proud alumnus of The King's University.  As a certified facilitator of Prepare-Enrich, combined with my education, I offer Christian counseling and biblical wisdom to help individuals and couples navigate life's complexities.

Your Christian Counseling and Biblical Guidance Companion

30 Years of Ministry Experience and Approach

Certified Facilitator of Prepare-Enrich and Master's in Divinity and Master's in Practical Theology

Centered on Biblical Counseling and Restoration Therapy

Freedom is attainable.

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Real-Life Transformations:
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Discover More

Discover more about our counseling services, insightful blog posts, and valuable resources to support your journey towards well-being and personal growth.

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