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Below you will find full testimonials for Pastor Sean.

Open conversations...

We met with Pastor Sean for our premarital counseling. From our first meeting, he made both of us feel safe to talk openly about our lives, our faith, and what we wanted to achieve through premarital counseling. Pastor Sean made it easy for us to have open conversations and helped us realize things about ourselves and how they could affect our relationship and marriage. He approached each conversation with grace and continued to point us back to God. We are so thankful we had Pastor Sean during this important season in our lives and will continue to lean on him in our marriage and as individuals.

Mr and Mrs Watson ~ Texas

Overcoming fear...

I have been working with Pastor Sean as my counselor for just over a year. When I began the journey, my self-confidence was very low, especially in my marriage. He listened to me. That alone was huge. He validated my feelings and helped me establish a sense of self-worth again. Fear was and at times still is a big controlling factor in my life. My fear has decreased throughout this year because I know God has put Pastor Sean in my life as a safe person for me to discuss whatever is on my heart and mind without being judged. I have seen positive changes in my marriage and life. My husband is not open to the counseling process which at times is very frustrating for me. Even though we do not have my husband’s input and perspectives in our conversations, Pastor Sean has remained focused on helping me grow and be the best I can be for myself, my husband, and my son. Working with Pastor Sean has been one of my greatest blessings during this time in my life. I know he truly cares about my success and what is important to me. I am thankful I listened when my friend said “I think you should contact Pastor Sean”. It has made all the difference for me!

L.S. ~ Pennsylvania

Free at last!

When I first met Pastor Sean Cawthon for counseling, my physical health and strength were failing me.  My coping skills were no longer working. My life in every area was sorely affected. I was on the road to self-destruction. Through counseling sessions with Pastor Sean, I overcame my painful past and was better equipped to meet life’s challenges in a healthy way. During my counseling sessions with him, he listened and was not judgmental.  A trust began to form and I found it easier to share from my heart. With insight and skill, he guided me through the healing process. One session he used a painting exercise, that reached down and touched the very core of my heart. It gave a place for my pain to be expressed, pain that was too great for words. It was amazing and healing. Pastor Sean always pointed me to God in such a way that allowed me to discover God’s Truth, Promises, Love and Forgiveness. It was life-saving. Life-changing. Thank you, Jesus, for your faithful servant, Pastor Sean Cawthon, who walked with me faithfully on this part of my journey, and through the power of prayer and God’s Word I have received Hope, healing and wholeness. I have been set free! Free at last….

A*H*C* ~ California

A Safe Place...

Pastor Sean has been my counselor for almost 2 years. When I started talking with him, I was really struggling in my marriage and with my sense of self- worth. I would experience fear that was all consuming and at times paralyzing. Pastor Sean has provided a “safe place” for me to share and work through these challenges. Two of Pastor Sean’s qualities that I have appreciated the most are that he listens and does not judge me. He is helping me manage and overcome challenges I have struggled with for years by using a counseling approach that is Biblically based. I appreciate that Pastor Sean will relate my situation to a story or situation in the Bible or provide a Bible Verse that speaks directly to my struggle. God has used Pastor Sean to help me build my self- confidence, find my voice, speak truth, and work through situations that previously I would not have been able to handle. I smile more and have more hope about the future of my marriage than I have in years. Choosing Pastor Sean as my counselor has been one of the best decisions of my life!

Ellen Grace ~ America

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