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Approach and Services

My approach to Christian counseling is deeply rooted in the principles of Restoration Therapy and a biblical worldview. By understanding the individual's unique story and incorporating biblical principles, I help individuals gain insight into themselves and find hope for the future. I am passionate about providing a safe and non-judgmental environment for individuals to share their struggles, and to guide them in discovering the healing and wholeness that can be found in God's truth.  I firmly believe that with the help of the Holy Spirit and the application of biblical principles, any

person can find the restoration and freedom they are looking for. My goal as a therapist is to walk alongside each person, encouraging and empowering them on their journey to wholeness. I am dedicated to being a supportive guide and companion in their healing process, helping them to understand their identity in Christ and how that affects their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Together, we can work towards understanding the root causes of your struggles and finding lasting healing and freedom.


At Fresh Life Therapy, I am dedicated to supporting individuals and couples on their journey to emotional well-being and spiritual growth. I will support you as a Pastor founded on Christian principles, with a compassionate heart, empowering you to overcome life's challenges.



I'm here to Walk Beside You - Experience the transformative power of faith-based individual counseling rooted in Christian principles. Together, we'll navigate your unique challenges, unlocking your potential for emotional healing, personal growth, and a more balanced, fulfilling life.



I'm here to Strengthen Your Love - With a focus on Restoration Therapy, Prepare-Enrich, and Christian values, I'm passionate about helping couples heal and restore their relationships. Let's deepen your faith, improve communication, and build a lasting, Christ-centered marriage together.


In-Person or Online

I offer Flexibility for Your Faith Journey - Whether you prefer in-person guidance or the convenience of online sessions, I'm here to accommodate your needs. Choose the setting that aligns with your faith journey and accessibility, allowing you to embark on a path to healing and growth on your own terms.



  • Individual Counseling: $100 per 1-hour session.

  • Couples Counseling: $100 per 1-hour session, plus a one-time assessment fee of $50.00.

  • Coaching: Ready to embark on a transformative life coaching journey?  Inquire here!

  • Please note that we do not currently accept insurance.

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Pastor Sean always pointed me to God in such a way that allowed me to discover God’s Truth, Promises, Love and Forgiveness.
He listened to me. That alone was huge. He validated my feelings and helped me establish a sense of self-worth again.
Pastor Sean made it easy for us
to have open conversations and helped us realize things about ourselves and how they could affect our relationship and marriage.

Explore additional counseling options such as IASIS therapy, EMDR, addiction treatment, and more. Connect with skilled professionals to find the support you need.

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